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Welcome to Vest ‘N P.D.P., a non-profit organization Dedicated to providing bulletproof and stabproof vest to police dogs since 2001! These courageous animals risk their lives every day helping to keep our communities safe. Please take a few minutes to browse our website and learn how you can join with me in providing the protection our wonderful K-9 law enforcement officers need and deserve.


Thank-you "Again" for All You Do for Our Dogs


I just wanted to say thank you again. My canine partner Gunnar was stabbed twice last night, and had it not been for the vest you donated, he definately would have died. Thank you for all you do for our dogs.

Greg Smith
Houston Police Department
K9 Division

Thank-you for Giving My Partner the Best Protection He Could Have!

Dear Susie

A few weeks ago while on patrol, my canine partner “Gunnar” and I received a SWAT call that two officers and been shot and the suspect was still at large. When we arrived at the scene, I immediately put the protective vest on Gunnar that you so graciously donated. Other SWAT officers arrived, and we began gathering intelligence. We set a perimeter and began searching houses on the street where the suspect was reported to be. This process took several hours, and Gunnar did not seem the least bit uncomfortable in his vest.

We finally located the house where the suspect was holed up, and when he refused to surrender, we sent Gunnar into the house. After he had cleared the living room and kitchen, we entered the house, and Gunnar continued the search. He located the suspect in the bathroom, squatting in the bathtub behind a glass door with a pistol in his hand. I immediately called Gunnar out, and we assumed a position outside the house near the front door. When the officers broke the glass shower door, the suspect opened fire, and I could see the rounds going through the wood siding near our location, and one round barely missed Gunnar. SWAT officers returned fire and wounded the suspect. We used Gunnar to extract the suspect from the bathroom and away from his weapon so he could receive medical attention.

During the entire incident, I was confident that Gunner's life was not in danger, thanks to his vest. Thank you for giving my partner the best protection he could have. You are a wonderful person, and I applaud your effort to outfit all police dogs. Thank you again, and God Bless you.


Greg Smith ,Canine handler, Houston Police Department

Thanks Is Not Enough

Kaden was involved in the apprehension of a suspect high on methamphetamine that fled into a heavily wooded area on 6/27/09. Kaden located the suspect hiding in brush over 6 feet tall. Kaden engaged then released on command. Upon release he was kicked very hard in the chest. He reengaged without hesitation.

This morning Kaden was taken to his vet to be checked because he yelped very loud when kicked. The vet stated that if not for Kaden's vest he would have been injured very bad. Fortunately, he was only bruised. This vest is literally a life saver. Amy and I are so grateful to you that he came home uninjured. You are the best, Susie.

Thank-you for Keeping My Partner and Best Friend Safe

Susie, I wanted to take a moment to thank you and the generous supporters of your mission to protect police dogs in this extremely dangerous world we live in.

This past Sunday, 03-11-2012, I responded to an armed-robbery-in-progress call at an auto parts store that was one mile from where I was patrolling. I was the second officer on the scene. Several other officers began to arrive, but before we could get a good perimeter around the building, the suspects got out the back door. Shadow and I were tasked with locating one of the suspects that was observed by another officer running into the woods with a large gun in his hands. I put shadow's vest on him and we began our search. Within minutes, Shadow located and made contact with the suspect, who began punching and hitting him in the side and face. The blows to his side were absorbed by the vest, and I am positive that without it he would have been injured. We found the gun approximately 10 feet away from where the suspect was found, so this could have ended much worse than it did.

Vest ‘N P.D.P., Inc.
The suspect was taken into custody and charged with interference with a police service animal, which is a felony in this state. When I inspected Shadow's vest, I noticed several scratch marks along the side, which were caused by sharp thorns and thistles that were growing in the woods we were searching. So shadow's vest helped in several ways that night, and I can't thank you enough.

Bottom line, I want to thank you and those that donate for helping keep my partner and best friend safe every day on the streets. If Shadow knew how to talk he would thank you and them also.

K-9 Officer C. Obenland (Texas)
Vest ‘N P.D.P., Inc.

Capone's Vest

Susie, just wanted you to know I had to send Capone under a house today after an escaped inmate. Capone had his vest on, and it was good because the inmate had a gun. I feel a lot better because Capone has his vest that you got him. Thank You again.

K-9 Handler 5, Jim F. Mundie (Alabama)

Ello's Vest


Last night while I was serving a high-risk warrant near KY, my dog Ello was guarding one of the suspects when the suspect attempted to flee. Ello engaged him, and the suspect kicked him very hard in the chest, but Ello stayed on him.

After all was said and done, the suspect received multiple staples, and Ello and I went home. Everybody involved believes that the vest Ello received from you prevented him from being injured by the kick. Ello and I thank you!

Connnor Wardlaw, Narcotics Investigator
Van Buren County Sheriff's Department

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